Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bra Findings Pricing

Some have inquired about the prices of our findings,
here they are, let me know if I missed anything.

All of the below are available in White, Beige or Black

Hooks & Eyes
White or Beige .25 per set (3 sets = a 3 closure wide bra = .75)
Black .25 per set (3 closure wide bra = .75)

Channeling ( brushed nylon tubing for underwires)
$1.20 yd.

5/8" Plush Elastic ( also known as facing elastic
.90yd. used for the lower edge of your bra)

3/8" Plush Elastic (also known as facing elastic
.60 yd. used for the upper edge of your bra)

3/4" Satin Plush (straping elastic)
.90 yd.

1/2" Satin Plush (straping elastic)
.80 yd.

Twill Tape (1/2" wide used to stablilize center front
.25 yd. seam on your bra)

Flex-Lite Underwires (coated wires with plastic tips
$1.25 pair not a solid sharp edged steel)
Classic Sizes 32 to 42
Tip to Tip measurement from 7.5" to 10.875"
Firm Sizes 12 to 24
Tip to Tip measurement from 11" to 14.75"

Poly Fleece (white only)
$5.00 yd. 45" wide

Cotton Flannel (white only)
$ 4.25 yd 45"wide


pearl brantley said...

I am looking for lace of all sizes
and colors. Do you have and can i see it on your web sight?

Anne said...

Pearl: Yes, we have many size and colors of laces. I do not have a website, as many of our laces change often. Give me a call at the store and we will gladly send you samples. 316-684-5989

LilSpace said...

Do you have the findings that make adustable straps? I'm not sure what they are called... circles and slides things?

Anne said...

Lil: Yes, we have the 5/8" wide rings & slides for making adjustable straps. They are metal and come in white or beige.
They are .25 per set(1 ring & 1 Slide)