Monday, August 23, 2010

New ITY Jersy Knits

Hey guys this is Grace, just wanted to let you know about some of the new ITY Jersey Knits that just arrived. Several Black and Whites and a few wild and crazy prints!

They are Poly/Lycra blend 58"-60" wide and $7.25 per yd.

Below are some pictures and descriptions:

I think this one is the all around favorite of us Needle Nookers. A black background with small white polka-dots on one side that grow so big that the black background turns into little black squares on the other side!

This one is much like the one above but the dots don't get quite as big and they're actually a light ivory with black background.

More black and white prints! The one on the left is white circles that are over lapped and can look like flowers or fish scales depending on your imagination! And the one on the right is a white background with black lines running every which way.

And now for some COLOR

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Betsy Hockaday said...

Hello! Do you stil have the blue ITY in the middle bottom photo left as well as the black and white on the left middle photo that looks like black and white circles that are overlaped? Please keep me posted! Besty Hockaday