Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adult Sewing 101

Janet is now offering a new class called "SEWING 101". If you are new to sewing or "used to" sew and have not done so in years, this is the class for you. This is a very basic class.
You will learn:
Parts of the machine
How to clean, oil and adjust the machine
Sew curves and corners
Grading and Clipping curves
Several types of seams
Three methods to gather
Plus numerous other techniques.

Finally, apply all you have learned by sewing a square bottomed bag with flapped pocket and wrap around straps.

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Teddylyn said...

I sure wish I lived close by! I have been meaning to ask if you remember the black top Janet was wearing in LV? Cute, sort of a matte knit fabric? Anyway, the big question is if you have any of the fabric?

This class sounds awesome!

Lynda in LV