Thursday, April 3, 2008

What others are saying

It was wonderful to meet you and learn what I could, and hope to get my other 2 bras finished as soon as I can so I can buy more fabric for some pretty ones. K from Sussex, WI

"Thank you again for the great class and for the comfort of my 2 girls!!! who now stand straight and forward again". C from ASG Ft. Myers

"This workshop draws rave reviews from me. I attended Saturday and had my beautifully well-fitting bra finished by 6pm. Anne is a terrific teacher and helpers Monica (Anne's daughter) and Debbie are extremely knowledgeable and helpful". C from ASG San Diego

" . . . I attended my second workshop with Anne St. Clair. She is fabulous and her girls are too". R from ASG San Diego

"Anne and her gals were just fabulous. I attended the Sunday workshop along with my mother . . . Many of my ASG buddies were there. We all finished our bras! I absolutely learned many new techniques and I know I will be making the rest of my new bra collection as soon as time permits". P from ASG San Diego

"I also attended on Saturday and cannot say enough good things about the workshop. When you had a question, Anne or one of her helpers was always right there to help you out". J from ASG San Diego

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Stephanie said...

I received my order really fast and the fabric was very soft. I made my first bra from the Queen Elite pattern and it's very close to perfect! It's very comfortable and I know the second one will be even better. I think I will start on that one tomorrow.Thank you so much for your friendly and prompt service not to mention your excellent patternmaking skills.

Anne said...

Stephanie: Welcome to the world of comfort!!! I am so excited for you. So glad that we could help.

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