Sunday, July 10, 2011

Guest Photo

Kathleen Cheetham was kind enough to share a picture of her
modeling one of her top patterns
( ).

She was a guest teacher for the Wichita American Sewing
Guild last year and I was fortunate enough to spend a couple
of hours with her touring our city as well as introducing her to
Needle Nook Fabrics.  A true sewing teacher,she added this
top fabric as well as a couple of others to her stash. 

Although we no longer have this print, I just returned from the warehouse and found 10-12 new prints to add to the ones
already in stock.  It is an ITY jersey knit.  

Isn't it just TERRIFIC !!!!!!!!


Stash Empress said...

Not only do you not have the print, alas you do not have the photo either --- all I get is "you are not signed in to aol" -- what's that about?

Anne said...

OK, so I was lazy and just tried to copy and paste. That did not work. Here is the new post with the photo uploaded correctly. sorry for trying to use shortcuts.

Stash Empress said...

OOOH gorgeous! Which pattern is she wearing? (I think I have them all by now LOL)

Anne said...

The pattern used for Kathleen's top was #304 Easy Wrap Dress & Top.