Friday, November 12, 2010

Bra Kits

 IF you have not seen the latest Threads Magazine you might like to take a look at pg 70.   We are a part of the Gift Guide showing one of our "Fashion Bras".  Here is some of the available Bra and Panty kits. 


                                        # 2

# 3

This is the Elite pattern modified into a partial band bra.   It has lace cups with sheer tricot lining.  Some of the lace colors are shown in Picture #3  You can see what is included in each of the kits, go to


Lori said...

Anne, how exciting for you. The lace bra is beautiful.

Confused said...

Is there a link to your store? How can Threads readers buy from you? The URL in the magazine appears to be wrong.

Anne said...

Just give the store a call 316-684-5989. We prefer to talk with our customers to make sure they are getting exactly what they need. You can also email me with any questions.

Confused said...

Thanks for the response. I wish there were some way to view your bra kits online.

I can't imagine that trying to discuss/describe/imagine colors, prints, fabric details, etc. over the phone would ever be very satisfactory.

I'd prefer to be able to see specific images of the fabrics with descriptions, and to see exactly what I'd be getting in a kit.

Too bad! I'm disappointed.

Anne said...

the above photos are actual fabrics from our bra kits. Here is the link that shows all components included in each bra kit.

LauraJ said...

I wish you had pictures that show this fabric, lace and component set go together. I'm a visual person so even if you're a great explainer, a picture is worth 1000 words. Then interested persons could see exactly what was in each kit, then be able to ask questions from there. I have a hard time buying fabrics related items over the internet because I like to touch the fabric, feel the drape.
I was just telling my two tweens we could sew customized bras, so I wanted to see what kits you'd have (fabric/lace combos), then show my tweens and get comments.

Anne said...

Laura: I have added a link that you can see what is included in each kit. If you would like to have samples of the fabrics to feel and touch, just give us a call at 316-684-5989 and we will send you swatches.