Friday, July 10, 2009

ASG Conference is Next Week and More

We are really looking forward
to ASG conference this year in
Albuquerque. It is also a treat
to see sewing friends again and
meet new sewist.

Thought you might like to see
one of the stretch poplins. This
is one of the Silk/Cotton/Lycra
prints. The maker of these crop
pants, returned to get more for
other garments.
"I stayed cool in 100* temps"

Shari will be in the store
starting next Tuesday
while Deb, Grace, Janet
and I meet up with Monica
at the conference.

New class schedule will be posted
upon our return.


Neefer said...

It was such a great class. I'm so glad that I had a chance to take it.

Anne said...

Thank you: I love teaching at ASG. Everyone is just like a little, hum maybe big sponge.

From My Hands to Yours said...

Hi! I didn't get a chance to take your class at the ASG conference but I did buy a pattern, basic kit, and your book. (After you measured me, of course!) I've finished the first one and--tho it has a few problems--it IS extremely comfortable! I'll definitely be signing up for your class next year in Atlanta.

Also wanted to say that, altho all the vendors at ASG were great, I thought the ladies in your booth were extraordinarily helpful.

Is there a place I can ask specific questions about the bra I made?