Saturday, August 9, 2008

WHAT A WEEK !!!!!!

WOW !!! It has been a great week at Needle Nook Fabrics. Lots of classes and some wonderful garments completed. M, D, T, B & T made great Basic T-Shirts, I have a new T-Shirt also. It is a great Sweater Knit of Cotton/Polyester. Although I love all types of white knit
fabrics, I was dyeing some fabrics and decided that a lavendar might be just what I needed in my wardrobe. This has a heathered look due to the polyester fiber not taking as much of the dye as the cotton fibers.
I am really happy with the color. The sleeves seem to be a bit big with this fabric, so I will be narrowing the width.
I have narrowed the width on this shirt and it fit much better.
Had it hanging on display at the store and sold it to a customer
that just had to have it to go with the pair of pants she had
brought in to match fabric.

  • Nine ladies are now perky and comfortable in their new bras. Sorry no pictures.....
  • I'm sure many of you are busy getting the children ready to start school next week. I am so greatful that the weatherman is predicting cooler than normal temps. Bryce, my son, is looking forward to his Senior year. He is very excited about his Auto Mechanics and Broadcast Production classes. Monica, my daughter, is getting her classroom ready in California for another year teaching 7th & 8th grade Math.

  • It would be great to hear from everyone. I just love your comments.


Lori said...

Cute top and great job on the bra class (once again). One more week of summer vacation, where did the summer go? One daughter has one more semester in college, dd#2 starts her first semester in college and then a couple of 8th graders.

Good luck to Bryce and Monica.

Sewing - started back on clothing. Made a top for Meredith and dyed it yesterday. Much better.

stacysews said...

Gorgeous color!

I can't believe it's time to go back to school already... where did the summer go?

Anne said...

Thanks Lori: It is hard to believe that both of the older girls will be in college and WOW..
the twins in 8th grade. Love to see M's dyed top.... Anne

Anne said...

Thanks Stacy: I never thought of myself as a lavendar/purple girl, but it seems that several garments in those colors have been added to the wardrobe... Bet your little one is really growing... I look forward to your next NNF visit.