Thursday, March 6, 2008

San Diego Workshop

Please excuse our lack of posting in the last couple of week. The Blog Goddesses have been sick and then there was the prep for the San Diego Workshop.

Friday night was a great lecture! Can you believe we had 62 women there? Lots of wonderful questions were asked and lots of flashing was done.

Monica debuted her PowerPoint presentation and it was GREAT. We are hoping that this makes our lecture more informative and easier to understand. Monica used the same pictures as in the book so that there would be continuity between the lecture, pattern instructions and the book.

The 3 workshops went Great! Everyone's bras fit beautifully and all brains were completley exhausted but full of new knowledge. The San Diego ASG Chapter are grand hostesses and are great ladies to sew with.

Anne flew back home without incident after a drive up the coast to LAX. Deb drove home after a too short visit to the Los Angeles area to visit old friends and do some family business. Not to mention a stop at Trader Joe's for some all important stocking up.

Please enjoy some photos from our trip.

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Michelle said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful, "uplifting" workshop! I've already made two more of these bras and absolutely love them. It's so nice to see my waistline again!