Monday, February 11, 2008

Cheaper than Therapy!

Thank you for participating in our first poll! It appears that 41% of us sew beacuse it is cheaper than therapy. Some 27% of us have more square feet of fabric than house (isn't this a scary thought -- but it makes for lower heating & electric bills due to the insulating properties).

Personally I think (this is Deb) that nothing says "I love you" like handmade undies! Just think about it for a minute . . . Only someone who really loves you would make you undies. And I only make undies for those I really love.

Lets carry this just a bit farther since this is Valentine's week how about making a pair of undies for your loved ones. If you are short of time just get the fabric, cut them out and make them up before Easter.
Look at the fun we had at Sew In.
We had grand fun with lots of yummy goodies, cinnamon rolls, egg rolls, cookies, BLT spread with crackers! Yum Oh!

Dawn & her Darling Daughter (DD) came and made T-shirts. A good time was had by all!

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