Saturday, January 19, 2008

Featured Fabric #2

We had just too many fabrics for 1 picture!

Think outside the box with these . . . You can use them alone for t-shirts, turtle necks, or mock turtles. Also think about using these as an accent fabric mixed with something else. How about using a Panne Velour with a simular color t-shirt knit and instead of doing color blocking try doing texture blocking.

We have had another busy week here at Needle Nook. Anne had a evening Bra class and a saturday Slacks class with 4 ladies in it. Two of the ladies we here last Saturday for the Bra class!

Please let us know how you like the Blog and let us know if have any suggestions for us. We hope you are enjoying reading it as much as we are writing it.


Kathleen said...

Like I mentioned on Saturday, I'm enjoying your blog very much.
I'm slowly getting started on my 2 sports bras.

marty said...

Anne, your blog is great and is on my list of daily reads. Continue to do a good job. Can you put some info on your bra kits? I can't get to your shop or anywhere else for classes but would love to know about your kits.