Thursday, February 15, 2007

Welcome to Needle Nook Fabrics

Welcome to the blog of Needle Nook Fabrics. We are very excited about our new adventure and we hope you will enjoy what we bring you. Since many of you are not able to visit us in Wichita, this is a way of bringing a little of Wichita to you because there's really no place like home!!!

Our plan for this web site is to not only post pictures of new fabrics but to also to share hints, techniques, photos of garments, and links to the most helpful information we have been able to find. This will be an extension of all of us at Needle Nook (Anne, Deb, Theresa, Jennifer and of course Monica).

We will keep all of you informed about upcoming classes either in the store or on the road. Many of you may all ready know that Anne has again been asked to teach at the America Sewing Guild Conference this year. We will be off to Sacramento in July please make plans to come and visit us at Conference we love to put faces with the names!


The Zookeeper said...

hey, when are u going to update this thing??? and where are the pictures?!

The Simple Romantic (Laurel Shimer) said...

Hello! You said above that you will be at the annual conference for ASG this July in Sacramento. Am I getting this right that ASG conference will be in Sacramento California this summer? For some reason, I can't get that from the ASG site, or from searching the web. Was planning to join ASG in the summer due to a very busy current semester, but if this is the case I will join sooner! BTW I am a devoted Sew Forth Now follower (and re-listener), so of course I've been meaning to come to your site :-)